High Speed Internet

Satellite Internet

If you live remote, off-grid, satellite internet works anywhere!

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps download
  • Fastest satellite internet available
  • Can be installed anywhere!
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Wireless LTE Internet

Fixed wireless/LTE is available to those who are within range of our LTE towers.

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps download
  • Up to 500 GB of data per month
  • Restricted to within 25 KM from towers
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Home Phone Service

No telephone service at your remote location? We offer home phone anywhere!

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Free caller ID, voicemail, etc
  • Keep your old phone number
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Service and other fees

Standard Installation Fees:

Equipment Installation 1-year term:
$99/Satellite – $49/LTE

Activation Fee:

Chargeable Data:
$2.00 per GB

Limited State:
No extra data charges, Internet speed reduced for remained of monthly bill cycle.

Download Speeds available:
Speeds of 5, 10 and 25Mbps are available on both Satellite and LTE. Speed availability on LTE depends on signal strength.

Upload speeds available:
1 and 4 Mbps (4Mbps satellite only)

Additional charges may apply (read below).

Enhanced Installation Fees:

50km round trip included (from downtown Sudbury/Timmins to your location). Additional mileage is $0.65/km. We provide same day service to designated areas to reduce the amount of mileage we charge. Example - if we have 3, 4 or more jobs in an area such as Verner, there is no need to collect mileage from all customers however if there are only 1 or 2 jobs, we must charge the customer for mileage in order to cover costs or transportation, etc.

If we have to unload our tools and equipment from our vehicle into an alternate method of transportation (ATV, boat, snow machine, train, plane, etc), there will be a flat rate of $75.00 per trip. Should the trip from our vehicle to your location and back exceed a period of time over 30 minutes (15 minutes there, 15 minutes back), we will charge you an additional rate of $75.00/hour during travel times.

Up to 150′ of wire for satellite and up to 125′ of wire for LTE is covered under the standard installation fee. Any wire exceeding the lengths mentioned will be subject to a $0.45 per foot fee due upon installation.

If a site visit/survey is required to determine if Satellite or LTE services can be installed and we cannot find a suitable location to install the equipment due to factors such as line of sight (trees, buildings, etc in the way), unapproved or unsafe mounting locations, your technician has the right to charge you for the site survey in order to compensate for time lost and travel to your location. A minimum fee of $75.00 plus applicable taxes will be applied and payment is due immediately. You will also be required to pay any mileage fees previously quoted/discussed prior to travelling to your location. Failure to pay your technician can and will result in late payment charges, and if not resolved within 30 days, reported to the Credit Bureau and sent to a collection agency.

If the reason for not being able to install services gets resolved (trees cut, pole installed, etc) and we can return to complete the installation, you will be responsible to pay the technician any mileage fees if applicable, plus any extra material required (special mounting hardware, longer wiring, etc) plus applicable taxes.

Keep in mind, you live in a rural and remote location which involves extra driving, extra fuel consumption and resources in order to reach and serve you. In order to serve you best, we may require mileage/travel fee paid ahead of time regardless if we can or cannot complete the installation for reasons out of our control (trees, line of sight, unsafe conditions, etc). It is the customer’s responsibility to indicate to the sales rep or technician ahead of time if there is a boat, ATV, snow machine, train ride etc prior to us heading out and to inform us of any potential hazards, risks, obstructions, etc. A credit card deposit will be required for such trips in advance.

Available in the following cities and surrounding areas:
Sudbury, North Bay, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, West Nipissing, Crystal Falls, River Valley, Dokis, Tilden Lake, Marten River, Temagami, Temiskaming Shores, Kirkland Lake, Timmins, Cochrane, Kapuskasing, Hearst, Gogama, Foleyet, Ramsey, Biscotasing, Metagama, , Nairn Centre, McKerrow, Webbwood, Blind River, Spanish, Massey, Espanola, Whitefish Falls, Birch Island, Manitoulin Island, Little Current, Whitefish, Naughton, Estaire, Alban, French River, Noelville, Monetville, Lavigne, Verner, Sturgeon Falls, Veuve River, Warren, Hagar, St-Charles, Markstay, Wahnapitae, Coniston, Garson, Hanmer, Val Caron, Falconbridge, Capreol, Azilda, Chelmsford, Dowling, Levack, Onaping, Windy Lake and surround areas.

Some areas we only service on occasion. Please contact us to find our if we service your area