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Cell Phone Boosters

Stop missing phones calls due to poor or no cellphone receptionWith
a booster you'll finally be able to talk text and surf again in no time  

Security Cameras

Keep your loved ones, employees and your property safewith
a complete security camera system - watch live 24/7 with no fees

Network Installation

from planning to wiring and deployment, we custom build
a network that will work for you and your business

Whole Home Wi-Fi

The days of poor wi-fi and aways calling your internet provider for support are
over - With a whole home wi-fi upgrade you'll have the wi-fi you need inside and out

Here's what we can do for you

Starlink Installations
Starlink... a new satellite Internet provider is finally here. If you need your system installed we offer installation service. We'll mount, seal, hide wires and even program your new internet settings/wi-fi for you.
Cell Phone Boosters
If you suffer from cell phone signal loss, a cell phone booster will fit right in. With this booster, you can finally make use of your cell phone's data, calling and texting capabilities where you could not before.          
Networking & Wi-Fi
Today's requirements for data demand has flooded demand for stronger and more powerful networks and Wi-Fi. We can help with that by upgrading, optimizing and configuring your current or new network/Wi-Fi.
Home/Office Pre-Wiring
Building/renovating a house? Moving to a new office building? If you didn't remember about the data, phone, audio/video lines don't worry, we'll help you plan for your needs and demand then install all required wiring.
Security Camera Systems
Keep a watchful eye on your home, business or properties. Security cameras enhances security, safety and helps prevent theft and burglary. Cameras can also protect you, family, staff and customers.

About us

Northern Internet Solutions, a business born in Sudbury, Ontario serves as an installation, service and repair company focusing on customers, both home and business owners who are located in rural and remote areas. By connecting service over satellite and wireless communication, we're able to connect people and devices to the rest of World.

We service security camera systems, satellite internet and tv, cell phone boosters, networking, Wi-Fi and hotspots and home/commercial wiring.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of I.T. serves our clients a benefit. Attention to detail, knowledge and hands on learning is what makes us the best company in Sudbury for all your installation needs.

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We service the City of Greater Sudbury and surrounding communities

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